Monash University Business Discovery Day

负责单位: 商科及学术竞赛处
负责老师: 邱娜娜老师、陈贞妞老师
比赛名称: Monash University Business Discovery Day
主办单位: Monash University
比赛日期: 9.9.23
比赛等级: 全国赛
成绩表现 团体奖
No 姓名 班级 学号 成绩
1. 郑凯荣 高三理忠 180112

Track A
2nd prize

2. 谭力彰 高三理忠 180055
3. 李家进 高三理忠 180113
4. 陈羿萱 高三理忠 180058
Monash University is hosting a competition where you’ll step into the role of a sustainability consultant or data analytics consultant and explore real-world business challenges. Make the most of this opportunity to develop solutions, pitch your ideas and strategies, and enhance problem-solving and teamwork skills.
The competition is open to all Year 11 and Year 12 students, including SPM, IGCSE, A Level, Australian Matriculation, Foundation, STPM and all other equivalent qualifications.
To participate, you’ll need to form a team of 4 and choose one of the 2 tracks: Track A: Game On for Sustainability: ESG Accounting Competition or Track B: Strategic Pitch Battle: Harnessing Analytics for Success.