So, You Think You Want to Be an Accountant? Quiz Competition 2023

负责单位: 商科及学术竞赛处
负责老师: 苏婷凤老师、黄卉盈老师、李遴杰老师
比赛名称: So, You Think You Want to Be an Accountant? Quiz Competition 2023
主办单位: Heriot-Watt University
比赛日期: 29.8.23
比赛等级: 全国赛
No 姓名 班级 学号 成绩
1. 郑迦予 高二文商忠 190060


2. 陈子毅 高二文商忠 190473


3. 赖茗瑶 高二文商忠 190082
4. 李昕潆 高二文商忠 190007
5. 李紫熙 高二文商忠 190411
6. 林殷正 高二文商忠 190168
7. 陈俊延 高二文商忠 190367
8. 陈紫绮 高二文商忠 190011
9. 郑迦予 高二文商忠 190060
10. 黄安盈 高二文商忠 190121
11. 林于柔 高二商忠 190021
This competition aims to challenge students’ financial acumen, problem-solving skills, and accounting knowledge while competing against the best in the field!

The competition is open to all students aged from 16 to 18 from public/private/international schools in Malaysia. The competition covers topics from the SPM Form 4 Prinsip Perakaunan syllabus, SPM Form 5 Prinsip Perakaunan syllabus, and general knowledge of commerce and economics. The quiz will consist of approximately 15 to 20 questions, and there is no time limit. Participants who complete the quiz with the most correct answers and the fastest time will proceed to the next stage. The winners were judged based on their accuracy and speed in solving the accountancy problems.

The much-awaited prize giving ceremony was given in two categories: Institutional Prize (Schools with most participants) and Individual Prize.