CiviQ: Civil Engineering Quiz 2022

(左起)活动主席Mr. Chris Aaron Winston、陈家曜、
活动顾问Associate Prof. Dr. Ubagaram Johnson Alengaram、
负责单位: 科学科 & 学术竞赛处
负责老师: 陈嘉欣老师、谢树焕老师
比赛名称: CiviQ: Civil Engineering Quiz 2022
主办单位: University of Malaya
比赛等级: 州赛
成绩表现: 团体第三名
No 姓名 班级 学号
1. 陈惠芯 高三理忠 170004
2. 謝旻伸 高三理忠 170048
3. 陈家曜 高三理忠 170220
4. 叶凯翔 高三理忠 170235
比赛简介: The inaugural Civil Engineering Quiz held by the department of Civil Engineering in Universiti Malaya. This one-day quiz event aims to introduce pre-university and upper-secondary level students to the world of engineering through a challenging yet fun quiz in hopes of cultivating the next batch of leading civil engineers. The quiz will be taking place in the decorated halls of Malaysia’s top university where participants will also get the chance to tour the prestigious faculty and explore the field of engineering.