Help 12th National Mathematics Marathon 2019

Help 12th  National Mathematics Marathon 2019数学比赛得奖者


比赛名称:Help 12th  National Mathematics Marathon  2019

主办单位:Help University College



No 姓 名 班 级 学 号 成绩
1 简振忠 高二理忠 150177 团体组亚军
2 陈家苇 高二理忠 150210 团体组亚军
3 颜烽量 高二理忠 150208 团体组亚军
4 陈垂昇 高二理忠 150216 团体组安慰奖
5 钟永杰 高二理忠 150415 团体组安慰奖
6 陈乙升 高二理忠 150107 团体组安慰奖


The National Mathematics Marathon is an enthralling and exciting experience that challenges the Mathematical knowledge of students and offers attractive prizes and scholarships to winners.

The National Mathematics Marathon is open to

  1. Form 5 students from all secondary schools (Government/Private) in Malaysia
  2. ‘O’Level or IGCSE students from International schools in Malaysia.


  1. Students must form a team of three players to participate in the competition.
  2. Each school may send a maximum of 2 teams.

All three members of the participating team must be from the same school.