Borneo Maths Olympiad Competition 2021 (National Round)

汤厚哲、张梅莲校长 管书睿、张梅莲校长 周美莹、张梅莲校长 李知轩、张梅莲校长 张梅莲校长、陈宥升 张梅莲校长、黄威融 Year 7 团体冠军 (左起)苏芷优、陆芊妤、管书睿、汤厚哲、张梅莲校长、周美莹、罗巧恩、郑珈骏 Year 9 团体冠军 (左起)傅扬崴、韩劼轩、陈韦恒、黄圣尧、张梅莲校长、邱鼎峰、李家颉、林力峰、郑湋伦 李家颉、张梅莲校长 林力峰、张梅莲校长 邱鼎峰、张梅莲校长 郑湋伦、张梅莲校长 陈韦恒、张梅莲校长 黄圣尧、张梅莲校长 韩劼轩、张梅莲校长 傅扬崴、张梅莲校长
Year 9 团体冠军 (左起)傅扬崴、韩劼轩、陈韦恒、黄圣尧、张梅莲校长、邱鼎峰、李家颉、林力峰、郑湋伦
负责单位: 数学科 & 学术竞赛处
负责老师: 刘明华老师 & 李树诚老师
比赛名称: Borneo Maths Olympiad Competition 2021 (National Round)
主办单位: Olympics Edu Sdn Bhd
比赛等级: 全国赛
Secondary Year 7 Team Award
No 姓名 班级 学号 成绩
1. 管书睿 初二仁 210044 团体冠军
2. 黄威融 初二忠 210097
3. 陈宥升 初二忠 210094
4. 罗巧恩 初二孝 210171
5. 陆芊妤 初二信 210299
6. 苏芷优 初二忠 210284
7. 汤厚哲 初二廉 210496
8. 周美莹 初二和 210681
9. 郑珈骏 初二礼 210714
Secondary Year 7 Individual
No 姓名 班级 学号 成绩
1. 管书睿 初二仁 210044 个人铜牌奖
2. 汤厚哲 初二仁 210496 个人铜牌奖
3. 黄威融 初二忠 210097 个人优秀奖
4. 陈宥升 初二忠 210094 个人优秀奖
5. 周美莹 初二和 210681 个人优秀奖
Secondary Year 8 Individual
No 姓名 班级 学号 成绩
1. 李知轩 200383 个人铜牌奖
Secondary Year 9 Team Award
No 姓名 班级 学号 成绩
1. 韩劼轩 高一理忠 190111 团体冠军
2. 邱鼎峰 高一理忠 190100
3. 李家颉 高一理忠 190045
4. 陈韦恒 高一理忠 190104
5. 郑湋伦 高一理忠 190046
6. 黄圣尧 高一理忠 190106
7. 林力峰 高一理孝 190054
8. 傅扬崴 高一理仁 190604
Secondary Year 9 Individual
No 姓名 班级 学号 成绩
1. 李家颉 高一理忠 190045 个人金牌奖
2. 邱鼎峰 高一理忠 190100 个人银牌奖
3. 林力峰 高一理孝 190054 个人银牌奖
4. 郑湋伦 高一理忠 190046 个人银牌奖
5. 陈韦恒 高一理忠 190104 个人铜牌奖
6. 韩劼轩 高一理忠 190111 个人铜牌奖
7. 黄圣尧 高一理忠 190106 个人铜牌奖
比赛简介: BMOC competition was established by Olympic Edu Sdn Bhd in the beginning of 2012 in Kota Kinabalu. The competition was first opened to East Malaysian as there was huge demand for mathematical contestants. Lower secondary was then added as there were genius demands for significant contest platform.
BMOC competition forms the route to obtain higher level competition that also prepare winning chance to enter the international competition. Certificate issued is recognised by the Mathematic Olympiads and can be used as credentials for applying a scholarship. The award winners in state round will move up to participate in international competition. Through the competition, students learn the mathematical analytical thinking and problem solving ability.
BMOC is held at the participating schools, for state round and national round. The school will form a team with enrolment of 8 participants to win the trophy. The selected contestants will get the chance to progress to national round in ASMOPSS and WMO.
BMOC is recognised as popular mathematics competition platform among the schools in Malaysia. Each year, BMOC holds contest promotions for primary and lower secondary students and attracts many students in joining the competition. The contest is well integrated into the highly concentrated Mathematical Olympiads unconventional questions in training students to become creative, flexible and broaden in thinking analytical problem for solution.