Intermediate Biology Olympiad (IBO) 2022

负责单位: 科学科及学术竞赛处
负责老师: 谢宝琴老师
比赛名称: Intermediate Biology Olympiad (IBO) 2022
主办单位: Royal Society of Biology (RSB)
比赛等级: 全国赛
成绩表现: Year Group D
No 姓 名 班 级 学 号 成绩
1 郑轶聪 高三理忠 170054 Gold Award
2 陈家曜 高三理忠 170220 Gold Award
3 黄健斌 高二理忠 180035 Gold Award
4 柯颂哲 高三理忠 170114 Silver Award
5 辛温捷 高三理忠 170228 Silver Award
6 黄浚轩 高二理忠 180051 Silver Award
7 王伟伦 高三理忠 170203 Bronze Award
8 叶子诚 高三理忠 170230 Bronze Award
9 温嘉颐 高二理忠 180014 Bronze Award
10 雷凯程 高二理忠 180054 Bronze Award
11 杨浩然 高二理忠 180828 Bronze Award
12 徐铭美 高三理忠 170069 Commended
13 丘俊杰 高二理忠 180053 Commended
14 叶旻捷 高二理忠 180111 Commended
15 黄嘉乐 高二理忠 180108 Commended
比赛简介: The competition is open to students in the first year of post-16 education anywhere in the world.

The competition consists of a one-hour multiple choice paper to be taken online. Questions are set on topics students are likely to have covered at GCSE and in their first year of A level. Some additional ideas will be introduced requiring their problem solving skills and understanding of core principals.

Students who take part in the Intermediate Biology Olympiad are encouraged to reference their participation in their further/higher education applications.