UNDO Academy 升学讲座

UNDO Academy 的代表们在2019 年4月19日到我校给予一项关于美术的讲座和工作坊。 此次的拜访由UNDO Academy 的其中一位创办人,Dr Cheong Hoe Yi 带领。在此次的分享中,他们介绍了不同的科系。除此之外,他们也进行了雕塑、电脑绘画、3D 打印和漫画手绘的工作坊。

Representatives from UNDO Academy came to our school on 19 April 2019 to give our students a talk and workshop related to art. This visit was led by one of the founders of UNDO Academy, Dr Cheong Hoe Yi. During the sharing session, they introduced the courses offered by their institution. Besides that, they also organised workshop related to sculpture, digital painting, 3D painting and manga traditional drawing.