For more than 30 years, First City UC has been leading the way in providing affordable, quality and industry-relevant education for Malaysian and International students. First City UC offers a wide range of programmes that meet the stringent requirements of the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) on the quality and delivery of programmes. First City UC also collaborates with reputable foreign universities. Such collaboration is important for benchmarking First City UC’s standards and quality at an international level.

30年来处于领先地位的万达大学学院, 一直在为学生提供价格合理,质量和行业相关的教育。

万达大学学院提供的各种课程,符合马来西亚资格认证机构(MQA)在品质和呈现课程方面的严格要求。 万达还与著名的外国大学合作制定国际级认可的学术课程编排。